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Blocked Drain Cleaning Cleaning Services Cannock, Stafford ETC

Our drain cleaning services are available in Cannock, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and throughout the wider areas of Staffordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands.

The most common causes of domestic drain blockages are baby wipes, sanitary products etc  Being flushed down the toilet, and waste food and fat build up’s from sinks & dishwashers,

Drain jetting is the most effective way of clearing out any blockages and restoring the flow back to your drains.

Using the very latest jet nozzles that force water through the drain whilst rear facing jets propel the hose along the drain cleaning it as it goes.

Our self-contained industrial drain jetting machines are able to operate at any location domestically or commercially.

Covering the areas of Staffordshire, Shropshire, the west midlands, & the east midlands.

We charge a flat rate for the unblocking & cleaning of standard none shared domestic household drains. There are no call out charges & we offer OAP discounts.Surcharges apply for out of hours & weekends. Please call for commercial rates.

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